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TRD Media is a production, distribution and creative service company with a broad range of work, ranging from advertising to sensational television shows to award-winning feature films. Our work has won awards and achieved top ratings across multiple media platforms - but we continue to strive to provide the most inspiring and life-changing content for millions of viewers across the globe. Here you will find just a few of what we have been engaged in over the years.

Our Television Brands


(Factual Entertainment)

Designer's Cut takes a trip into the creative minds of Africa's most creative Fashion Designers where we discover the processes and techniques implemented by these creative minds to produce designs, which are simply cutting edge! Told entirely from their perspectives, these cutting-edge breed of fashion designers take us through their influences in design; their passions; their struggles; their creative process and ultimately their business models by which they produce work entirely unique to themselves. From showcasing new collections at the catwalks to dealing with bespoke for international clients, 'Designer's Cut', celebrates Africa's creative minds on a global front and will thoroughly inspire its viewers.


(Magazine Entertainment)

The Xtra is a fresh, exciting, and brand-new magazine format that gets insightful stories on the lives of the brightest stars and pioneers from the continent of Africa in music, film, entertainment, business and sports. These stars will reveal compelling insights to their lives that have never been seen or heard before, as they anticipate a surprise that they never expected! At the end of every interview, the guest will be astonished by a surprise that will take them absolutely out of their comfort zones! “Wait till you see their faces!”

Creative: Post-production and Short form